CashFlow Strategy # 1 

Correct Your Tax Withholdings

Increase your take home pay, $200 - $500 Each Month

Without asking your Boss for a Raise!



  • 80% of all Employees have too much money withheld from their paychecks.

  • Correct Your Tax withholdings to Maximize Your Take home Pay. 

  • Use the "extra" income to fund your retirement account or pay off debt.



CashFlow Strategy # 2 

Create a Business Income

Take advantage of hundreds of tax deductions not afforded to non business owners



  • Increase your income by sharing the Personal Financial Success System as a myEcon Associate

  • Maximize your tax deductions as a Business Owner

  • Car and Truck Expenses - Meals and Entertainment - Travel Expenses - Wages 



CashFlow Strategy # 3

Accumulate Some Income Producing Assets

Passive income generated via Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate or Businesses



  • 8 Step Personal CashFlow Plan, detailed plan for discretionary income that you'll use to attain financial success.

  • Create your Personal Income Statement and Balance Sheet instantaneously

  • Triad Region Team proud part of The Let Us See Financial Group



Included in Your Membership:

Smart Money Kit

D.I.Y. Credit Education and Restoration System



  • 26 Step by Step How to Repair Your Credit Videos

  • 4 Rounds of Dispute Letter Templates

  • Re-establishing new credit via little known sources

  • Discounted Credit Monitoring and Score Tracking


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One Time Setup of $49.95 then $34.95 / Month

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