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3 Smart Solutions


Create your Plan B for your financial future.  The Government encourages you to become a business owner.  Its to your advantage to become that business owner.  myEcon offers you the opportunity to do just that.

Continue to do the things that you are already doing but take advantage of the laws that are in place that allows you to keep more of your take home pay, create jobs for those who need and prepare for those years when you are no longer able to produce and income for yourself.


#1 Minimize Your Taxes

Taxes will always be your largest expense that you will encounter.  They are also the one expense that you can do something about.  If you are a W-2 employee that typically receives a tax refund from the Federal Government, you’ll be surprised as to how you can recover that “extra” income that you are lending the government from your paycheck.  

When you adjust your w-4 form on your job, you may be entitled to bring home an additional $200 to $500 per month which can be used to reduce debt, invest in income producing assets or start a small business which will entitle you to even more deductions to your income.


#2 Earn Business Income

Still need more income?  myEcon offers you a chance to build a business, online, sharing and teaching the myEcon strategies to others.  When you become a myEcon associate you are now a small business owner, entitled to the same tax deductions that are afforded to the larger companies that you may be aware of.  There are over 475 deductions businesses may use to reduce their taxable income, some of which include car or truck expenses, at 54.5 cents per mile per vehicle used in business, deductions for wages incurred for workers, travel expenses for work related events and much much more.

myEcon offers a world class compensation plan.


#3 Accumulate Some Income Producing Assets

Just by using the previous two strategies, lowering your taxes via adjusting your W-4 and becoming a small business owner you can now use that money to fund a retirement account, purchase Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds or Real Estate.  Anything that will produce an income for you without you actually having to perform labor in exchange for.

myEcon offers Comprehensive Training that will introduce you to the terminology and concepts that you’ll need to know in order to confidently implement those strategies you’ll learn within your myEcon membership.




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